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You don’t have to be from the Lone Star State to know that Texans are notoriously proud of their state. From barbecue to cowboy boots, pickup trucks and football, Texans love the land they call home. Native Texan, Coleburn Davis, is no exception.

Davis is the founder and owner of Brazos River Supply Co., a retail store that is loud and proud about everything it means to be Texan. Brazos River Supply Co. is an authentically Texan purveyor of goods for living the Texan life.⁠ They carry a variety of products from men’s grooming to all things barbecue, cocktail supplies, cigars, clothing, hats and more.

Davis is a ninth-generation Texan, whose father grew up on a ranch their family has owned for over a hundred years. Davis was born in Tolar, Texas, and throughout his life, the Texan identity has been ingrained in him. That deep-rooted identity is what pushed Davis to start Brazos River Supply Co. Davis opened his store in November 2018 out of a desire to bring some unique brands to Waco and introduce the Waco community to a few of the products and styles he enjoys. 

I really wanted to bring some different and unique brands to Waco that people here hadn’t been exposed to and open a place more oriented toward men,” Davis said.

The items in the store are a combination of products Davis grew up using, brands he’s come to love over the years and hand-crafted products by makers he’s met in his travels.

The minute you walk in the store, the spirit of Texas sweeps over you. From the country music playing overhead while the friendly faces that greet you, to fishing gear and hand-carved pocket knives on display; Brazos River Supply Co. shows customers from all walks of life what it means to be deep in the heart of Texas.

While Davis loves his store and hopes it becomes a premier men’s retailer in Waco, his background is not in retail or entrepreneurship. Prior to coming to Waco, Davis spent the first five years of his career working in Lubbock at Texas Farm Bureau, a company that seeks to be the voice of Texas agriculture. After receiving a promotion that brought him to Waco, Davis decided to use his own voice and open Brazos River Supply Co.

Without a background in entrepreneurship, opening a retail store in the heart of Downtown Waco felt like a risky move for Davis. What seemed like the biggest risk for Davis, was laying out the capital to open his store without knowing if he would see profits in return. Operating out of a spirit of courage, Davis’ risks have paid off and taught him a few lessons along the way. Davis emphasizes that it wouldn’t be possible for him to be where he is today without the incredible support of friends, family and other creatives around him.

I learned through trial and error. You can have a solid idea of what it is you want to do and where you want to go, but it’s really to have good advice, support and people surrounding you,” Davis said.

Brazos River Supply Co. works closely with several other locally owned businesses in town such as Seedhouse Creative, JRBT Accounting, Axiom Advertising and Sendero Provisions Co. just to name a few.

That kind of support and camaraderie is what makes Davis proud to be located in Downtown Waco and a part of the downtown resurgence that’s happened over the past few years. He has thoroughly enjoyed the journey of getting to know other small businesses in town and is excited to see Waco continue to grow over the years with new products, services and ideas.

For those who wish to take on the journey of opening a business or becoming an entrepreneur, Davis offers some encouragement.

“Try to remember that things aren’t always going to happen the way you expect them to. Be willing to shift and adapt in order to meet the changing needs of your business as they come,” Davis said.

Shifting and adapting to meet the changing needs of his business has made for an exciting journey for Davis. Moving forward, he hopes to expand in product offerings and floor space. In the meantime, in true Texas fashion, he enjoys welcoming the people from all walks of life who walk through his front door.

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